Rider Physiotherapy

As horse owners we are generally very good at ensuring our horses are well cared for through correct management; farrier, dentist, vet, physio etc but we often don’t take enough care of ourselves. Riders are often the biggest influencing factor in our ridden horses so it is just as important if not moreso to ensure we are able to perform just as well as our horses whether you enjoy hacking out or working towards 4* eventing

Rider Physiotherapy sessions aim to look for any rider imbalance, weakness and how this affects the horse. These can be done in cases where you are having issues when riding or your horse is having problems but can also be done as routine maintenance checks to look for anything that can be addresses before it becomes a bigger issue.

Ridden assessments are carried out at the yard and involve a ridden assessment, off horse assessment and treatment then re evaluate back on the horse. Follow up home exercises will be provided to work on between sessions where needed. Sessions take around 1hr and are charged at £60 per session

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