Prices and offers


All prices as of November 2022 (subject to change)

🔆Equine physiotherapy: initial £70, follow ups £65

🔆Canine physiotherapy: initial £60, follow ups £55

🔆Human physiotherapy: initial £50, follow ups £45

🔆Rider analysis ridden/ off horse sessions £60

Travel/ Call out prices (as of February 2022) from DL13 4

🔆within 15miles £5

🔆16-25 miles £10

🔆26-35 miles £15

If 2 people/ owners booking on same yard/ house then cost is split. If 3 or more bookings at same location then no cost regardless of the amount of owners


There are various packages and offers available to your bookings. This page will be added to and updated regularly so have a look at what is currently on offer

1️⃣ Book 3 of your own horses in on the same day and get £15 off the overall price

3️⃣Block book 4 sessions (equine, canine or human) and get 10% off (a saving of up to £26.50). Block sessions must be paid for in advance

4️⃣Book a ridden assessment and treatment aswell as a equine session together for the same day and get 5% off

5️⃣Horse and rider physio package. A yearly package includes 2 equine sessions once every 6 months, 2 ridden assessments to be done at the same time as the equine sessions and 2 rider follow up sessions to take place at your yard or home. £300 for the full year to be paid in advance. A saving of up to £60! Any additional sessions are to be paid at normal cost and travel costs to be covered on the day of each session

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