Equipment Hire

In some cases it is beneficial to have daily therapy however this can be both unpractical due to appointment availability and also costly for owners. Some of the equipment can be hired by owners to provide daily therapy on a short term basis- usually up to 3-4 week blocks (to allow others to hire if needed) but you can hire again as many times as you like if appropriate for your horse or pet.

Equipment hire starts with an initial assessment to determine which device would be suitable, to ensure the animal is happy to have the therapy carried out and also to ensure that you as an owner feels competent and confident enough to deliver the treatment.

You can hire equipment for a variety of conditions such as arthritis, pain, tendon or muscle injuries, wound healing and scar tissue aswell as many others, just get in touch to discuss your requirements

Equipment available to hire includes ultrasound, laser and pulsed magnetic therapy. More on each modality to follow or please get in touch for more info. Cost of hire is £10 a day to be paid weekly in advance or as a block booking paid in advance plus a initial assessment cost which is at a reduced cost for current clients where all history is already known and who just need a shorter session to go through the equipment use

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