Latest update 17th September and my first live!

Hello! Hope you are starting to see the website coming together a bit now. I have completed the equine Physiotherapy section which you can access from the menu. I am working away t the other sections too. The government have announced updated guidelines for the North East to come into effect from tomorrow. This won’t affect my work and I will be continuing treatments but just to remind about social distancing and that we are a little stricter on this to ensure we keep our distance during animal treatments. For humans I am still using full PPE.

On Tuesday I spent some time with a friend doing a photo shoot for some website pictures which I love! They have come out really well and look forward to doing some more.

In other news I did my first live video today! Was quite nervous but all went well and some great feedback. I will be doing these weekly with a different topic each week. Details of times will be posted in advance so you can come and have a chat with me live or watch later on catch up. Here is the link to today’s live on the importance of ridden assessments, hope you enjoy it!

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